Laif Liadon

Half Elven Bard


Laif is a small person, he looks like a teenager, and he is young, although not that young. He stands only 4’11" tall and weighs about 115lbs.

Although he is small, he has a strong personality that radiates from him, like someone who knows his own importance and place in the world. His commanding presences sometimes gets him mistaken for nobility rather than clergy with his flashing gaze and the look of someone who knows his own importance.

While he certainly isn’t physically intimidating, the sense of social power, poise, and command he possesses almost always gets him the results he is looking for, in the end. He can carry off the look and feel of an annoyed son of a noble, a powerful young clergy-member, or the young representative of some important government official all equally well, and any of those personas could make most people’s life miserable, allowing him to intimidate and bully his way through situations that he could not otherwise persuade his way through with diplomacy alone.




Laif is still young, how much of a past can he really have? He isn’t very forthcoming with what he has been up to before you met him either.

He wears a holy symbol nearly all the time and seems to be an ardent follower of some faith, spending more time in quiet contemplation and religious adherence than a layperson. He usually puts his holy symbol away beneath his clothing when he is out on the town, but in private with his friends it hangs openly about his neck.



Bodhran Drum


Yes… that is a vuvuzela… know fear.

Laif Liadon

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