Morgren Blackbanner

Craftsman, Forger, Battlemage


Dwarven Wizard Lv1

STR – 9 (-1)
DEX – 16 (3)
CON – 20 (
INT – 18 (4)
WIS – 9 (-1)
CHR – 14 (

Speed 25ft


Darkvision 60ft
Advantage on Poison saves
Resistance to poison damage
Stone Cunning


Light, Medium armor
Battle Ax
Hand Ax
Throwing Hammer
Mason’s Tools
Smith’s Tools
Arcane Recovery I
Read/Write Duergar



Morgren has had an aptitude for years as a craftsman, smith and stone cutter. He put these talents to use for his clan for many years. Under the tutelage of Falgrim Fireheart Morgren excelled in his craft. Though he always wanted more. Fame, renown, immortality. He had always heard the tales of Durgadin. Tye ancient master smith. Morgren’s desire to meet the quality of this venerated smith drove him to experiment with magic to aid in his craft. He found he also had some aptitude in the Mages craft. After honing his skills to the point he could not progress any further. He wanted more. More knowledge, more spells, more, power. So he left the clan and traveled to the other lands to seek the knowledge he needed to equal or surpass the great Durgadin.

Morgren Blackbanner

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